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Manufacturers | Industrial Hydro Technologies, Inc.


A list of Manufacturers


Aeration Industries International, Inc. is a world leading manufacturer of aspirating aeration/mixing equipment and outhystems. Their Aireo2® aspirators and Aireo2®-Tritons solve a variety of water and wastewater treatment problems using state-of-the-art technology and more than thirty years of worldwide field experience. Visit www.aireo2.com for more information.


Aerator Solutions is dedicated to providing the most advanced and effective aerator and mixing technologies on the market.  From tried-and-true solutions to cutting-edge technologies, they offer complete engineering solutions for aeration and mixing.  Visit www.aeratorsolutions.com for more information.


Ambar Environmental manufactures rope mop and belt type oil skimmers that remove tramp oil, grease, sludge and almost any hydrocarbon from the surface of industrial process liquids and waste waters. Engineered to last, yet simple to install and maintain. Visit www.ambarenvironmental.com for more information.


BioWater Technologies offers systems; complete with biofilm carriers, aeration, retention sieves, mixing tanks as well as any tertiary treatment or additional equipment to suit the design needs.  They offer biological wastewater treatment to municipal and industrial wastewater treatment markets.  The company has more than 40-years’ experience in the bio-film industry.   Visit www.biowatertechnology.com for more information.


At Brawn Mixer, Inc., we provide guaranteed solutions for your mixing problems. Brawn’s modular design provides interchangeability between direct drive and gear drive mixers. We build mixers that combine quality components and superior features with a competitive price. At Brawn Mixer, Inc., we do more than build mixers. We provide Mixing Solutions. Visit www.brawnmixer.com for more information.


Centrisys offers multiple centrifuge products and services including: mobile dewatering and thickening systems, rental centrifuges, skid mounted and containerized systems, pilot units, as well as on-site service and parts for all brands.  Visit www.centrisys.com for more information.



Duperon manufactures a variety of uniquely designed screening products including:  bar screens, perforated screens, trash rakes, washer/compactors as well as conveyors used to protect downstream equipment and/or processes.  Visit www.duperon.com for more information.


Dynatec Systems Inc. is a global supplier of wastewater treatment systems for industrial and commercial applications. We offer efficient, cost effective, membrane treatment systems for a variety of complex water/wastewater applications. Our experience and broad-based application knowledge ensures that the most appropriate treatment method or combination of technologies is selected to solve your treatment needs. Visit www.dynatecsystems.com for more information.


Hydro International is a leading producer of grit removal systems and fine screening products for industrial wastewater treatment including the Eutek Headcell®, Grit King®, Eutek TeaCup® & Hydro-Sludge® screen.  For more information visit www.hydro-int.com


Our mission is to provide innovative, superior quality aeration and mixing products and services to industry and municipalities. Our systems are designed to deliver high mass transfer coefficients (KLa), and our driving force is to deliver total customer satisfaction. Our goal is to return to market leadership in high KLa oxygen transfer systems. KLa jet aerators transfer oxygen by simultaneously introducing large amounts of high kinetic energy liquid and air through a series of jet nozzles. Intense mixing and high turbulence result in a fine dispersion of gas and liquid, which is then discharged from the jet nozzle, allowing the plume to mix with and entrain the surrounding liquid. Visit www.klasystems.com for more information.


Featuring innovative and adaptable solutions for specific filtration problems for over 40 years, Lakos Separators and Filtration Solutions has become a world leader.  A worldwide network of technically trained distributors extends the company’s reach, with applications around the globe.  Originally designed for groundwater and agricultural uses, Lakos separators and filtration products are now targeted to key industrial markets as well.  Visit www.lakos.com for more information.


As a leading provider of wastewater treatment package plants & equipment, we take pride in offering the best packaged systems and equipment available.  We are dedicated to meeting the needs of our customers each and every day.  With over 30 years combined experience in design and manufacturing of package wastewater treatment systems and hundreds of installations, from concept to design, project management, manufacturing, shipping, installation supervision and startup services, we can help you thru the entire project. Visit www.legacyenvpro.com for more information.


Marlo Incorporated is committed to offering our customers an extensive line of equipment to solve water treatment problems in the most efficient and cost effective manner possible. We utilize a wide array of the most current technologies for commercial, institutional and industrial applications. We offer softeners, media filters, dealkalization and deionization units in multiple sizes. Visit www.marlo-inc.com for more information.


M. W. Watermark has become a world leader in the manufacture of water and wastewater treatment equipment. Their products include oil coalescing separators, filter presses, filter press parts, filter cloths, slant plate clarifiers, chemical feed systems, and sludge dryers. For water and wastewater treatment equipment, parts, upgrades and rebuilds, look to M. W. Watermark.  Visit www.mwwatermark.com for more information.


Nijhuis Industries is a world leading manufacturer of flotation separation equipment for purifying water and wastewater.  Their research and development technologists perform a wide variety of treatability tests in their state-of-the-art equipped laboratory, often followed by pilot scale, on-site testing to develop specific treatment designs and select the optimum equipment.  Visit www.nijhuisindustries.com for more information.


Osprey Environmental, Inc. specializes in the design and installation of turn-key water and wastewater treatment systems, from single treatment processes to a combination of treatment technologies. We can design a system to meet your needs and budget.>


Parkson has over four decades of professional experience, with more than 25,000 installations around the world, is a leader in the water and wastewater treatment industry. Parkson offers a wide variety of treatment equipment including, Hycor screens, DynaSand filters, compactors, lamella clarifiers and solar dryers. Visit www.parkson.com for more information.


Phoenix Process Equipment Co. designs and manufactures a variety of high quality products for residuals and sludge dewatering, fine particle wet classification and separation and effluent water treatment. Our products are used by some of the world’s largest companies in the management of residuals and effluent from their production and wastewater facilities. Visit www.dewater.com for more information.


PlasTanks is a leading manufacturer of fiber reinforced plastic (FRP) tanks. Principal products are corrosion resistant reinforced plastic vessels – vertical, horizontal, cylindrical, rectangular, filament wound and contact molded, insulated and Plasta-Therm® heat-traced, and the Bryneer™, the most efficient brine system available today. PlasTanks engineers to your specifications. Visit www.plastanks.com for more information.


PolyProcessing Company manufactures large rotational molded high density, linear & crosslinked polyethylene chemical storage tanks. Our core product offerings include the Safe-Tank® double-wall containment system, the IMFO® full drain vertical storage poly tank and the OR-1000 oxidation resistant system. Our high performance chemical storage tanks deliver a cost effective storage solution with a higher margin of safety and longer tank life then commodity storage tanks. Visit www.polyprocessing.com for more information.


The Prime Rotary Fan Press is an effective liquid/solid separation process used for a variety of dewatering applications in multiple markets, including, but not limited to, Municipal, Industrial and Food & Beverage.  Their patented design creates high-percentage cake solids and clean filtrate.  They have been manufacturing their rotary fan press in Michigan for over 30 years.  Visit www.psirotary.com for more information.


Southeastern Tank, Inc. is the premier provider of liquid storage solutions in the Southeast region of the US.  We are an authorized distributor for CST storage, manufacturer of AquaStore and Hydrotec (Formerly Columbian TecTank) tanks and CST covers (Formerly Temcor & Conservatek) for municipal and industrial, potable water and wastewater, leachate storage and commercial fire protection.   We specialize in turn-key construction and installation.  Visit www.southeasterntank.com for more information.



SPS Engineering specializes in custom design and supply of clarification, sedimentation and digestion equipment for municipal and industrial water & wastewater treatment. We offer over twenty five years of professional experience in the design and delivery of the most advanced environmental process equipment. We are committed to providing the highest quality equipment and service at competitive prices. Visit www.spsengineering.com for more information.



Sulzer offers a broad range of products and services for a large variety of applications.  Based on our deep understanding of industry needs, our long experience, strong technical competencies, and continuous innovation, we can provide you outstanding reliability and performance.  Our product line includes:  Agitators (Dynamic and submersible mixers), compressors and aerators, Mixpac cartridges and static mixers, pumps and pump services and separation technology.  Visit www.sulzer.com for more information.


We are a company specializing in the design, manufacturing, installation and operation of water treatment systems. Since 1985, Unipure has designed, built and installed treatment systems for enhanced metals removal and conventional precipitation. A recognized leader in this industry, Unipure prides itself with having a team of experienced professionals committed to the development and implementation of cost-effective treatment technologies and equipment. Visit www.unipure.com for more information.


Velocity Dynamics (Velodyne) is a manufacturer of liquid and dry polymer activation & hydration technologies, chemical storage, metering, and mixing equipment.  They provide chemical systems integration services for industrial and municipal water and wastewater industries.   They have devoted twenty five years to developing high-performing, reliable and long-lasting solutions to our customer’s chemical system needs.  www.polymersolution.com for more information.


Xylem is a global leader in delivering innovative products such as pump systems, controllers, water and wastewater treatment systems and analytical instruments.   We specialize in providing equipment and services for water and wastewater applications, from collection, distribution, and the return of water to the environment.   Visit www.xylem.com for more information.

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